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Unwritten Rules of Success

Colleges and universities face challenges in recruiting and retaining underrepresented students in STEM fields. These students are often confronted with challenges because they do not know the unwritten skills needed for a successful graduate school career.


These unwritten skills include how to organize their time, find supportive mentors, solicit recommendation letters, and ask for what they need to be successful.

Practical Solutions Addressed In Our Workshops Teach Students:


Relationship building with peers, postdocs, and faculty mentors to advance academic studies, discover additional resources, and plan careers in STEM

Resource Management

Strategies that can be used to balance coursework, research, and teaching demands. 

Tools that move thesis or dissertation from the proposal to the defense stage


Self-advocacy skills to identify mentors and role models who will meet their mentorship needs

We offer workshop to universities, colleges, scientific conferences, and summer research and enrichment programs that aim to increase the pipeline of underrepresented minority students pursuing STEM degrees

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